The Stadium Development Plan Will

During Construction

Economics Construction Jobs Icon

30,264 jobs


Economic Output Icon

$5 billion

in economic

Economics Union Jobs Icon

Provide good
paying jobs,

many in partnership with Building Trades unions

At Full Build-Out (30-years)

Economics Non-Construction Jobs Icon

Create 45,300 new jobs

separate from
stadium jobs

Regional Economics Icon

$7 billion
in economic
output per year

in the regional

Economics Revenue Icon

in total

general fund

Economics - City Revenue Icon

$38 million
per year

in net revenues
to the City

Economics Hotel Taxes Icon

$443 million
in total

new hotel and bed taxes to the City

Realizing Much Needed Community Benefits & Priorities Without Using General Fund Revenues

Realizing much needed community benefits & priorities
  • Bringing 777 Fully Integrated Affordable Housing Units to Address City Shortage
    • 518 Very Low and Lower Units and 259 Moderate Units within residential buildings throughout the property
  • Creating a 7-Acre Flagship Park for All of Anaheim
    • Modeled after Tongva Park in Santa Monica
    • An additional 5.2 acres of parks and open spaces, as well as 11 acres of flexible open space will be featured on the property
  • Ensuring Good Paying Union Construction Jobs for Locals, Veterans & More
    • 30,000 construction jobs will be created at full build-out
  • Creating 45,000 New Jobs as Part of the Operations of the Project at full build-out
  • Providing the City with 2,500 Tickets a Year for Community Use through 2029
parks, open spaces and construction workers

Want to see more details?

Visit the City of Anaheim website to view the Development Agreement and more.